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Funny Word - Clowder omg you said That?

Funny Word - or strange funny words We thought it word be interesting to teach the students a new word. A funny word, or at least it sounds funny, odd and strange to me.

Do you know what the word clowder means?
If you do. Do you use the word often?
Funny Word - or strange funny words

I have to admit, when I first mentioned the word to them their reactions were priceless. One of the students looked at me as if I had said a bad word or something. But once they learned what the word meant - they wanted to know why I would go through all the trouble. Isn't it just easier to say a group of kittens or cats, than having to say clowder.

Personally I was just trying to find an interesting way to teach the students a new word and make a fun interesting video all at the same time. Even though I myself find it difficult to use the word clowder.

Oh yes and I saw a wonderful clowder crossing the street today. Oh so adorable.

It just doesn't sound right to me. But this was all about tryi…

Christamas Play Fred Wild Ruby's Dinner

It was another wonderful Christmas Play held at the Fred Wild Elementary this year. The children worked very hard and it truly shows. The singing, the dancing and the costumes - Did you see Frosty and the Grinch?
Check out some of the pictures down below. We will try to add the videos as soon as we can.